69. Update on Update - by JimmyWolk
[07.05.20, 21:26]
So, unfortunately, I can't announce the AcL break being over just yet. If you're looking for updates though, there is a new way for that: Continuing being late to the party, I created a Twitter account @jimmy_wolk. I figured that might be a better alternative to the RSS feed and newsletter for you youngin's these days. Since I'm not really a Twitter guy myself, might not do everything according to etiquette, so I might get back to you guys about that sometime (tags always make me wonder if/what to chose for example).
Also, this gives an option for other kinds of updates, I guess, of which there is one right now...

Well, if you don't feel like going there, the short(er) of it: Hoping to end the break this months, but no promises.



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