68. New annual(?) one-shot! - by JimmyWolk
[28.06.19, 14:34]
Yeah, I guess it might raise some eyebrows, but I actually wrote something again for a change! :D
For those who remember (or rather those who don't, I guess), back in my first few years, I released a one-shot every year on my anniversary of posting my first fanfic with "A Happier World". Unfortunately, that eventually didn't become sustainable anymore.
But with me completely missing on last year's 15th anniversary, and because I had an idea handy, I figured, why not make it up by doing another one of these this year?

So I present: Aki2! :D

And yeah, that's also kinda the reason why I put the first "Sisters" page out earlier in the week, since I wanted to let that one have the big surprise (when this one kinda works as surprise on its own). Of course that entire comic was already meant to be out much earlier in the midst of various other art, so this would have come a bit more out of nowhere again, but alas. And on the upside, it already felt hard enough not to spoil this one in comments for a few days, it would have probably be impossible for me to keep quiet for weeks or months. :p


29.07.20, 16:13 by Mike J.
Hi Jimmy,

Can you please translate the story into German?

Thank you.

19.08.20, 09:58 by Jimmy
Sorry, hatte ich nicht bemerkt. Falls du's hier eher siehst, als unter dem Review:
Irgendwann vielleicht, hat aber gerade nicht wirklich Priorität, sorry.
Aber wenn sich jemand berufen fühlt, nur zu. ;)


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