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Welcome to the "Light & International" version of my website!

This page is mostly dedicated to my Evangelion fanworks.

39.  In case you're wondering... - by
[25.04.2008. 19:36]
No, there's still no update despite my talks of monthly basis etc. And this time it's not the pre-readers' fault either, not even my lazyness (well, I haven't applied all edits yet, but I didn't even plan to).

Thing is: I just decided to be a mean bastard. :P

Nah, while I've been thinking of delaying it a bit so that it'll end on it's fifth ( >_> ) anniversary on the 4th of July (had quite a timing there, eh?), that's not definite. However, since I want to release the last two chapters within a week max (the two together being my big EoE chapter), I'd like to buy some time for my remaining pre-readers and also myself (as I want to prepare a bit ahead for my next project).

So, sorry for the delay. Rest assured though, it certainly won't be another month or even more. Just about a week, I'd say.

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38.  Let's repeat - by
[24.03.2008. 18:47]

I'd certainly avoid the ff.net version for now though, as they craptastic "It's going to look like we want it, or else..." filters now broke my formating for good, also affecting the previously posted chapters. Better use one of the others until I've cleaned that up (even if that means to bow to their cruel reign and lose my precious "time-spacing" ).

edit: The ff.net version is now "fixed". Still far from happy with it, but that's probably as good as it gets.

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37.  re Try-ing - by
[04.03.2008. 0:46]
Sorry that there still hasn't been an update yet. I've contacted my pre-readers a few days ago and I can only hope I have enough to work with soon.

In the mean time, I've updated the first five chapters (so far) as announced in the A/N of "16th". I originally only planned to make some corrections and slight changes in chapter 1 to tie in better with the upcoming "repeat", but I ended up adding/editing much more, especially in the verb (post TI) chapters. Still nothing major though that you'd have to read them again if you don't want to. Mostly fleshing out scenes/characterization a bit.

You can find it at the usual places. The old versions can be found in my "Realm of the Unwanted".

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