55. Hackers gonna hack - by JimmyWolk
[29.07.11, 20:26]
Well, I guess it hits everyone eventually. Last Wednesday, the server got hacked. I can't tell for sure if anything was "stolen", but then again, the only somewhat valuable thing I have would be the email addresses for the newsletter. It seems, however, that the intrusion was mainly done to hijack the server to send spam. So the last few days, I spent getting rid of old, potentially insecure scripts and updating others (as you also can see with the gallery).

On semi-related news, especially to avoid further problems with the hoster who wasn't exactly happy about the misuse of their server, I've made changes to the newsletter service. From now on, one will receive a mail to confirm his address and that he really wishes to receive the mails. Such a confirmation link will also be included in the next AcL-newsletter (which should come tomorrow for page 85), so you won't have to register again.
If you do not confirm your address via that link, you will no longer receive further newsletter afterwards!
There will also be a link to delete your address from the database in every newsletter from now on, if you do not want to use the form for that. So if you rather want to do that (maybe even in the wake of the attack), you can do so as well.
If you do not get the mail, please check your spam settings. Even if you got the mails previously, your mail provider might have put the address on a spamfilter in wake of the hacker's spam attack.



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